Most Real Estate agents will not look for homes for you until you are pre-approved for a mortgage. Here at Big Wave Realty, we help people like you start the process immediately! We know that buying a home is more than a financial purchase. It's a momentous event that will impact your life in many ways. That's why our buyer's agents are trained to provide you with the most comprehensive level of service. From finding the best deals, to negotiating those extra benefits during escrow, our team works for you to make your transition to your new property a success!


Most Real Estate Agents take the easy way out when it comes to listing your property. Here at Big Wave Realty, we set in motion a chain reaction of events that unfolds once you sign the contract! Mega open houses, buyer's tours, 3-D videos, and drone photography are just some of dynamic strategies that help get people stoked on your listing. We tenaciously execute a promotional marketing campaign in order to get your property sold for the most money in the least amount of time, and leverage our professional relationships to find the buyers who are serious about making your deal happen! 

Most Real Estate Agents do not deal with Rentals. Here at Big Wave Realty, we are with you for the long term, and can also help you in the short term if you need to find somewhere to live right now. It's possible to apply, do a credit check, get approved, and receive your keys all in one day! Plus, we can help you link up with assistance programs for qualified applicants. Do you have a growing business? Put a Big Wave Realty agent to work in finding a commercial space for your company to get to the next level. And if you're already a property owner, it's likely that we have the perfect tenant for you! 

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