About Jeremy

Founder of Big Wave Realty

Jeremy started working in Real Estate in 2007, on the eve of the largest economic crash since the Great Depression, a challenge that gave Jeremy a tenacity that few other agents posess. "In the down times, many home owners were underwater, so I took action by becoming a Short Sale Specialist." As the market improved, Jeremy transitioned to regular "equity" sales, and moved his operation from Marina Del Rey to Inglewood. "I have always loved the diversity of the Beach areas like Santa Monica and Venice, and wanted to gear my business toward the cultural synthesis that was already happening in L.A. That's why we came to Inglewood." Since founding Big Wave Realty on Market Street in 2015, Jeremy has gained unprecendented success in the area, and leads a team of agents that sell and lease Residential Homes, Condos, Commercial Properties, Multifamily, and Retail. He currently holds the record for the highest price per square foot of a Retail Commercial property Sold at $263 per square foot.



Jeremy grew up in Santa Monica, CA, and was drawn to the Ocean from an early age - "I still remember my very first wave, riding on a boogie-board at Malibu at 5 years old," says Jeremy. At the age of 10, he entered Junior Lifeguards, which got him on the path to becoming an L.A. County Ocean Lifeguard at the age of 18. "It was surreal when the Captain gave us our keys on the last day of Rookie School in 2004. My first Summer, I was working on the same beach where I had seen them filming the show Baywatch just a few years prior."


Jeremy is continually fascinated with History and Science, and that is how he ended up majoring in the Science in Society Program at Wesleyan University. "I have always been adept at taking tests, and getting good grades, but to me, Education has always been a means to an end, and not an end in itself. It's a conundrum to see people who rest on a pedigree of higher education, whilst they are mired in debt, and impotent in the business world." With four older cousins all attending private schools, Jeremy was expected to go to, and succeed at Mirman Elementary School, Harvard-Westlake Middle and High-School, and Wesleyan University. "My formal education taught me a lot about what people all over the world learn and are expected to learn, but it wasn't until I got my Real Estate License, and became a business success, that I realized that most of what you learn in school is not applicable on a day to day basis." Years later, while studying for his Real Estate Broker's test in 2018, Jeremy realized that many of the details from his real estate book were in fact applicable to the job of Selling Real Estate. "It may not appear right away, but many of the seemingly pointless details that you read about in the books can actually be used in Real Estate." That's what inspired Jeremy to start his own Real Estate School, www.freerealestateschool.com. "When you join my school, which is absolutely free of charge (except fo the books), you will not only learn about concepts in Real Estate practice in modern California, you will also learn about where those practices originated from, including English and Spanish Law, Ancient Civilizations like Rome, Greece, and Mesopotamia, and how the decisions of your ancestors impact your life today. Learning about the past is all about being liberated in the present. When you join my school, you will gain a foundation for how to change your life for the better."

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Big Wave Realty is a Sole Proprietorship under Broker Jeremy Stuart, DRE License #01818307

address: 241 S. Market St., Inglewood, CA 90301 & phone: (310) 470 - 9358