"Click" to find your home?

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

With all the new online platforms that allow you to buy a home straight over the internet, it may sound tempting to jump on your computer and simply add that 3 bedroom, 2 bath home to your "shopping cart" and check out Amazon style. While this may be a solution to certain types of homebuying such as manufactured, pre-fab, and mobile homes, it does not work well for most types of Real Estate. The reason is that when you buy a piece of property, you are not just making a contract with the person that sold you the property, you are also making a contract with Local, State and Federal Government.

Buying a piece of Real Estate, or Real Property, meaning land, and anything affixed to the land including a house, and all the bolted down appliances in that house, is a similar process to getting married. When you buy Real Estate, the County Recorder in whatever county you live in, is going to put YOUR NAME in the PUBLIC RECORDS as the owner of that property. The same government building that houses swarms of District Attorneys, Cops, and Judges is the same place that keeps track of every single property that is bought, sold, and foreclosed upon in the district. Recording in this manner is unique to Real Estate Sales. When you bought that Cell Phone, T.V., or even that car you own, chances are the salesperson didn´t make you get the paperwork signed before a notary before you could take the product home. Having a Real Estate Agent involved with the transaction is vital to making sure that these legal steps are followed.

We started www.bigwaverealty.net to make it quick and convenient for you search for properties, and find a Real Estate Agent who can make it all happen for you. Most home shoppers get fixed on the home itself too early in the process, and these people generally uncover frustrating facts later, when they already own the home. We encourage you to put the same care into finding a great Real Estate agent as you do in finding the perfect home. People who bypass the agent in the process of buying a home tend to end up frustrated in the end. For your most important purchase of your life, call Big Wave Realty today at (310) 470 - 9358 to make you come out a winner with your property.

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